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Installing Antivirus Silently

This Article Applies to:

  • AVG Business Antivirus


If you want to silently install the local Antivirus client on your unmanaged device(s), you can do so using Command Prompt.

If you wish to install Antivirus on multiple devices, you must repeat this process on each of them.

Do not use this process for devices managed by an AVG Business Management Console. For such devices, see Command-Line Installation Parameters if you are using the Cloud Console or Command-Line Installation Parameters if you are using the On-Premise Console.

Downloading License File

Before running the silent installation, you will your AVG product's license file. You can get it from an existing installation (it will be in C:\ProgramData\AVG\Subscriptions) or by using the updates downloader.

Running the AVGUpdatesDownloader.exe, enter your wallet key, note the path listed, then start the download.

Shortly after, the license file will be downloaded to the offline folder.

You can then close the updates downloader.

Downloading Installation Package

Once you have your license file saved to the device(s), you will need to download the Antivirus installation package from

The online installer will suffice, unless there is some limited network connection. The Paid Version button will download the online installer.

Running the Setup

Finally, to silently install your Antivirus, you can either use a script or run the avg_business_antivirus_setup_online.exe /licfile:"<folder_path>\license.avglic" /wait /silent command from an elevated Command Prompt.

You need to replace <folder_path> in the command with the real location path to the folder where you stored the license file.