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Command-line Installation Parameters

This Article Applies to:

  • AVG Business Cloud Console
  • AVG Business On-Premise Console

You can use command-line parameters to customize your installation of AVG Business Antivirus. These parameters are for managed devices, as they utilize the business agent.

Main parameters

  • -i: install
  • -r: repair
  • -u: uninstall
  • -f: reboot after the install
  • -e: reboot after the uninstall
  • -c: make clonable (write clone key to registry)
  • -b: fix a bad clone (one that was started without setup -c already having been done) — for more details see Device cloning
  • -m: change the policy_server_url
  • -o: perform SOS Login
  • -p: modify proxy information (server address and/or credentials)

Parameters requiring values

  • -lid: locale id (English is 1)
  • -bid: brand id
  • -ofp: open firewall posts list
  • -svr: policy server url
  • -sil: silent
  • -tok: install authorization token
  • -avc: parameters forwarded to Antivirus installer (for example, -avc "/debug")
  • -fav: force Antivirus reinstall

Proxy parameters

  • -pmi: proxy mode
  • -pti: proxy type
  • -pbi: proxy browser id
  • -psa: proxy server authorization enabled
  • -pai: proxy authorization id
  • -psn: proxy server name
  • -psu: proxy server username
  • -psp: proxy server password (reversible-encrypted-pw)
  • -ppt: proxy server port
  • -pst: proxy script
  • -rpp: raw proxy password

Example Command

-i -tok "71a55f420c9e4966bcb046933a750ca14ed84aff20c14adab493c6ea369a68be" -svr "" -lid "1" -bid "4"