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Removing Devices from Your Network

This Article Applies to:

  • AVG Business Cloud Console
  • AVG Business On-Premise Console

AVG Business Antivirus can be uninstalled remotely from the Cloud or On-Premise Management Console, which will free up a subscription to be used on another device. You can only remove and uninstall devices that are online via the Management Console. The status of the device appears as “Uninstalling” until the uninstall is complete, when the device no longer appears in the console.

The next time a removed device communicates with the Management Console, it will receive the uninstall command. AVG Business Antivirus will then be uninstalled, and a message will be sent to your Management Console confirming the device is removed.

Cloud Console

On-Premise Console

Uninstalling a Single Device

  1. Navigate to the Devices page
  2. Click the More button (three dots) next to the device you would like to uninstall
  3. Click Remove and Uninstall
  4. Click Yes

Uninstalling Multiple Devices

  1. Navigate to the Devices page
  2. Select the check boxes of the devices you would like to uninstall
  3. Hover over More in the top-right, then click Remove and Uninstall
    • In the On-Premise Console, this step will say ActionsRemove and Uninstall
  4. Click Yes

Permanently Removing Devices that Cannot Connect to the Network

If your device is lost or cannot connect to the network (for example, it has no internet connection,) it may never receive the message to perform the uninstall. If this is the case, you can permanently delete the device from within the Console and, if possible, manually uninstall the software from the device. To delete the device from the Console, first follow the above procedure to uninstall the device. Then do the following:

  1. Find the device again on the Devices page by filtering for removed devices
  2. Remove the device again

At this point, the device is fully removed from the Console, and you should manually uninstall the AVG Business Antivirus software from the device. To do so, follow the procedure for local uninstallation found here: Uninstalling AVG Business Antivirus.