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On-Premise Console FAQs

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What are the system requirements?


  • 11 — x64
  • 10 (Pro, Education, and Enterprise editions) — x64
  • 8/8.1 (all versions except RT and Starter Edition) — x64
  • 7 SP1 — x64
  • Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012 (any edition with latest service pack excluding Server Core) — x64
  • Server 2008 R2 — x64
  • Small Business Server 2011 — x64


  • 6GB disk space + 4GB RAM recommended

    • Note: We test up to 1000 devices with the recommended requirements and scale our cloud management to meet resource needs; therefore, to support more than 1000 devices in on-premise environments, please ensure to increase hardware and monitor traffic to suit the increased load.

Where can I download the On-Premise Console installation file?

The Business tab on has the installer for the On-Premise Console on Windows. For more information on how to install, see Installing On-Premise Console.

Where can I get the activation code for my On-Premise Console?

Activation codes are provided with all subscription purchases, and should be visible in the receipt email. You can also view subscriptions tied to your account at and copy the code from there.

Are there remote- or auto-deployment options?

The On-Premise Console is capable of providing an MSI installer which may be used with several remote deployment methods such as Active Directory GPO. We also provide the possibility to remotely deploy via AD integration directly from the console. You'll need to install 1 device manually first and set it as the master agent. This device needs to be accessible by the clients you want to deploy.

For more information, see Adding Devices to On-Premise Console.

How often do devices communicate with the On-Premise Console?

Devices check in with the Console about every 5 minutes.

Can I move a device or settings (like exclusions) from one console and import them into another?

No. Devices would have to be uninstalled/reinstalled between consoles, and settings cannot be transferred at this time.

Does the On-Premise Console provide a built-in remote assistance tool?

No, On-Premise Console does not offer Remote Control at this time.

Will Avast live chat be available from the On-Premise Console the way it is in the Cloud Console?

This is not implemented at this time, but may be implemented in a future release.

Can I receive emails notifying me of events in my Console, such as virus detections?

Yes. To do this, you must configure SMTP settings within the console. If your SMTP server requires logging into an account with multi-factor authentication, you may need to generate an "App password" to enable authentication. For more information, see Configuring Your SMTP Server.


When accessing my On-Premise Console, why do I get a notification that the site is not trusted?

This issue generally occurs when you are either using the automatically generated self-signed certificate or another certificate issued by a Certificate Authority that is not trusted by your computer. It is possible to export the public certificate of your console and import it as a trusted certificate on your devices to resolve this warning, but may otherwise by safely ignored.

Why aren't devices showing up in my On-Premise Console after installing?

After installing and registering a user for the On-Premise Console you may find that you are unable to log in from the console's login screen. If after entering correct login credentials you see the console's splash page before being directed back to the login page with no error, this indicates that the URL you are attempting to visit may be incorrect, or that you entered a bad hostname during the console installation process.

To solve this problem you may need to reinstall the On-Premise Console and set the hostname to the static IPv4 address of your server.

What should my server's hostname be?

The hostname should be the static IPv4 address of your server, or the fully qualified domain name (FQDN).

Can I change my Console's certificate after it's installed?

Yes, you can change a certificate following the instructions in Changing On-Premise Console Certificate.

Does the On-Premise Console have to be running while I am installing the clients?

Yes, client devices must be able to communicate with the On-Premise Console during installation, or the installation will fail.

I installed the Antivirus client on the server running my On-Premise Console, and I'm now experiencing difficulties?

We do not recommend running any Antivirus components on the console server except for the File Shield, and the Exchange or Sharepoint Shields where appropriate. Additional components may be used, but will likely require significant configuration to prevent conflicts.

For update mirror configuration, does the On-Premise Console add the mirror port firewall exception?

Not at this time, but you may create a port rule in your device's policy for destination port 4158 for TCP/UDP for both Inbound and Outbound. We will be adding additional firewall rules to the console that resolve this in the future.

Can I set multiple devices as mirrors?

It is already possible to set multiple devices as master agents, but you can only designate one of them as an update mirror at this time.

Is it possible to install clients behind a proxy server?

Yes, if you're planning to update from our servers. In this case you must ensure all required ports are open and enter the proxy details in your policy before generating installers, or deploying remotely. If you're instead planning to have the devices update from mirror, then you won't need to enter any proxy information. If you've entered proxy information during setup, then this will only be used for the console itself and is found under General Settings.

Can I use wildcards and variables in my exceptions?

You can use the wildcards like '*' to represent any sequence of characters or '?' to represent any one character or nothing (see Wildcards for more information). However, you may not use any variables like %userprofile%.

Can I use my On-Premise Console in an isolated network (no internet access)?

Yes, we have recently introduced options for offline configuration of the On-Premise Console. For more information, see Configuring Offline On-Premise Console.