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Audit Log Report

This Article Applies to:

  • AVG Business Cloud Console


The Audit Log report in Cloud Console provides a detailed log of user and system activities. It can be found under the Summaries section in Reports.

Scheduled reporting for audit logs is currently unavailable but planned to be added in a future release.


Once you access the report by clicking View Report, you can choose the timeframe, see the category, event type, event detail, result, origin, triggered by (user login), and date information.


Several columns can be filtered to facilitate data lookup:

  • Category: Company, User, Task, Alert, Cloud Backup, Policy, Report, Device, Network Discovery
  • Event type:
    • User access granted, User access removed, User invited, User removed, User suspended, User reactivated
    • Language changed
    • Login, Logout
    • Company created, Company profile updated, Company removed
    • Task created, Task stopped
    • Alert action
    • Cloud backup accessed
    • Policy created, Policy changed, Policy deleted, Policy reverted to default
    • Report schedule created, Report schedule changed, Report schedule deleted
    • Report downloaded
    • Device installer downloaded, Device installer link shared
    • Device policy overridden, Device service changed, Device removal initiated, Device settings changed, Device policy changed, Device group changed, Device support package generated
    • Device list exported, Discovered devices' list exported
    • Remote package installation initiated, Remote package installation initiated again, Remote package installation canceled
    • Network scan started, Network scan stopped, Network scan settings changed
    • Activation code used, Wallet key changed, Trial activated, Purchase initiated
  • Result: Success, Failure
  • Origin: System, User, Support

You can export your Audit Log report to CSV, just click the download icon in the top right corner and select CSV: