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Application Crashes

This Article Applies to:

  • Microsoft Windows Operating Systems


In the event an application on your device crashes, you can gather additional data to verify what is causing the crash.

AVG Crashes

If the AVG service or application is crashing, gather the results from the Support Tool and provide them to Business Technical Support.

Third-Party App Crashes

If another application is crashing on the system and AVG is suspected to be the cause, verify the following:

  • Whether disabling any AVG shield or component resolves the issue
  • Whether uninstalling any AVG shield or component resolves the issue
    • We usually recommend a minimal install of File Shield only as a good starting point for troubleshooting
  • Whether an exclusion for the application resolves the problem
    • Only exclude based on vendor recommendations. Do not exclude generic or well-used applications like Microsoft files and web browsers unless some specific location is recommended by the vendor