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Task Report

This Article Applies to:

  • AVG Business On-Premise Console


The Task report provides a summary of the tasks executed on your devices within a defined time frame.

To access the Task report in On-Premise Console, go to the Tasks tab of the Reports page.

Task Overview

Under the Tasks tab, you will see the following details for the time range you have defined:

  • Total number of one-time tasks
  • Total number of recurring task runs
  • Number of failed one-time tasks
  • Number of failed recurring task runs

You will also be presented with a chart showing how much each type of task was used (in numbers and percentages).

Devices With Failed Tasks

The Top 10 devices with failed tasks section at the bottom of the Tasks tab shows the number of times a task failed on each of your devices. If there were no failed tasks within the defined time range, this section will show "No failures found".