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Managing Tasks

This Article Applies to:

  • AVG Business On-Premise Console


From your On-Premise Console, you can remotely run, stop, or delete various types of tasks across your network. Namely, you can:

  • Scan devices
  • Send messages to devices
  • Update devices' Antivirus program and virus definitions
  • Shut down and restart devices

Tasks can be configured as one-time (immediate or scheduled) or recurring tasks, and they can be applied to all devices in your network at once or to selected devices only.

Scheduling is not available for Boot-Time Scan, as this task runs upon device startup.

Running Tasks

To see how to run different types of tasks from the console, refer to the following articles:

Tasks will only run on the assigned devices when those devices are online and communicating with the console. If a one-time task is skipped on a device due to the device being unreachable, it will run when the device becomes reachable again. In case of multiple missed instances of a recurring task, the task will run only once and then continue on the schedule. In case of one-time/recurring restart or shutdown tasks, however, the missed ones will not be run again.

All tasks created via the Tasks page will apply to all devices in your network, while those created via the Devices page will only apply to the devices you select.

Viewing Task Details

All tasks that have been executed across your network will be listed on the Tasks page of the console.

The following information will be shown for each task:

  • Task progress on devices
  • Task description & interval
  • Last results

To facilitate data lookup, the tasks list can be filtered by:

  • Task types
    • Scan
    • Send messafe
    • Software update
    • Shutdown & Restart
  • Task intervals
    • One-time task
    • Recurring task

Clicking any listed task will redirect you to its Detail page providing more information about that task:

  • Overview tab: Task's name, interval, and time of creation, number of devices on which the task was run, and task's progress on each device (prepared/running/completed). For Send a message to the device tasks, the content of the message will also be displayed here. In case of a scan task, scan results will be displayed (e.g. No threats found, 10 files cannot be scanned).
  • Devices tab: Task's progress on each device (assigned/prepared/scheduled/running/completed), devices' names and OS, task's time of creation, and last result (e.g. restarted/updated/no threats/failed).
  • Settings tab: Task's configuration details (only informational, cannot be edited).

If you want to see which tasks were executed on a specific device only, the easiest way would be via the Devices page. Just click the desired device to open its Detail page, then go to the Tasks tab.

Stopping and Deleting Tasks

If needed, you can stop or delete a task you have created via the task's actions menu (three dots), available on both the Tasks page and the Tasks tab of a device.

The same can be done via the task's Detail page.

Stopping/deleting multiple tasks at once can be done via the Tasks page:

  1. Tick the checkboxes next to the tasks you want to stop/delete
  2. Click the Actions button above the tasks list
  3. From the drop-down menu, select Stop or Delete
  4. Confirm the action