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Subscriptions Overview

This Article Applies to:

  • AVG Business Cloud Console


Services activated in the Cloud Console will be attached to a Wallet Key. Purchases via the sales team will give either a Wallet Key or activation code, which must then be activated in the Console.

Service Billed
Antivirus (and Internet Security, File/Email Server) Per device
Patch Management Per device

Subscription details

Buying subscriptions

This is the process for purchasing subscriptions within the Cloud Console. If you purchase a subscription through the AVG Business website or elsewhere, you should get an activation code you can input into the Console.

  1. Navigate to the Subscriptions page
  2. Do one of the following:
    • If you have an activation code, click Enter activation code, enter the code, then click Activate
    • Beside the subscription you would like to purchase, click Buy now, then complete the transaction

Managing subscriptions

Subscriptions are easy to manage within the Cloud Console. You can buy, renew, and change the number of seats you can license from the Subscriptions tab on the Account page. For more information on managing subscriptions, see Viewing and Altering Licenses.

Subscription assignment to devices

Subscriptions are automatically assigned to devices when you select services for installation. However, you can manually change the selected subscription using the process in Applying Licenses to Devices.


What happens when a subscription expires depends on what else is available.

  • No other subscriptions: Service is stopped
  • Another prepaid subscription: Devices are moved to the non-expired prepaid subscription