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Recommended Components for Servers

This Article Applies to:

  • AVG Business Cloud Console


A business environment has different needs than those of consumers. Therefore, certain components are not recommended for use in such a network even though they may be included in your AVG Business subscription.

There are some components that we do not recommend installing on a server. Web Shield and Mail Shield are not suitable for servers in business environments, and we highly recommend uninstalling these components from any server OS in your network. If these components are installed, you may encounter instability in the network, slower computer operation, or errors.

The other recommendations for the various types of servers vary, but in general you should allow only a few components to be active to avoid interfering with server processes. For optimal performance, the following types of servers should only have the suggested components enabled:

  • File Server : File Shield
  • Application Server: File Shield
  • DNS Server: File Shield
  • Email Server: Exchange component, File Shield
  • Web Server: File Shield
  • Terminal Server: File Shield
  • SharePoint: SharePoint component, File Shield

If any components other than those listed above are installed, you may encounter instability in the server environment or errors.

For Exchange servers in particular, see Exchange Server Recommendations.

You can select the AVG recommended policy for servers during policy creation to utilize a preset policy with our recommendations.


For more information on all available components and supported operating systems for each one, see Component Overview.