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Threat Detections

This Article Applies to:

  • AVG Business Antivirus

You will receive notifications when threats are detected as they occur via a pop-up that also details the action taken to resolve the threat.

When you view the details on the Threat Secured pop-up, you have the option to immediately report it as a false positive to AVG. However, this may not prevent it from being detected again unless you also add the threat as an exception. For more information, see Configuring Standard Antivirus Exclusions.


Most threats detected by AVG will be sent to Quarantine on the device for you to review and either restore or delete. You can view Quarantine by clicking Menu > Quarantine in the UI.

Actions in Quarantine

Once you are viewing the detected threats in Quarantine, you can choose to delete the threat or perform other actions:

  • Restore: sends the threat back to where it was detected
  • Restore and add exception: sends the threat back to where it was detected and adds an exception for that threat so it will not be detected again
  • Extract: pulls the detected threat and restores it to a location you can select
  • Send for analysis: sends the file to AVG to look over the file and see if it is a false positive or should be added to the virus definitions

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