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Threat and Alert Types

This Article Applies to:

  • AVG Business Antivirus


The top section of the AVG Business Antivirus UI displays any relevant threats or alerts for your device.

These are examples of some alerts you may see on the Status tab.

  • Restart needed: Your device needs to be restarted for one or more reasons. Restart your device.
  • Antivirus subscription expired: Device is using an expired Antivirus subscription. Choose a new subscription with remaining available seats or purchase new seats.
  • Shield turned off: One or more of your Core Shields is turned off. Turn the Shield(s) back on.
  • Threat secured: One or more threats have been found by one of the Shields and automatically moved to Quarantine. You should examine the threat and either delete or restore the threat manually from Quarantine.
  • Update available: Update your Antivirus program and/or virus definitions.

Along with the alert, you should see a button for the action needed to resolve the alert or threat.


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