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Changing Devices' Assigned Policy

This Article Applies to:

  • AVG Business Cloud Console


During the process of adding a device to the Cloud Console, a policy through which that device will be managed needs to be preselected (see Adding Devices to Cloud Console). However, this originally assigned policy can be replaced by another if needed via the Devices page of the console.


The quickest way to change the assigned policy for a single device would be via the drop-down menu in the device's Policy column.

If prompted, confirm the policy change.

The same can be done by opening the device's actions menu (three dots), then hovering over Change and selecting Change Policy.

In the pop-up dialog, use the drop-down menu to select the policy you wish to switch the device to, then click Apply.

One more way to change a device's assigned policy is from the device's Detail drawer - use either the actions menu in the top right corner or the drop-down menu in the About tab.

If, however, you need to change the policy for multiple devices, tick the checkboxes next to those devices, then select More > Change > Change Policy.

Finally, you can change which of your devices are using a certain policy via that policy's Assignments settings. For more information, see Managing Policies.


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