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Configuring Virus Definitions and Antivirus Program Updates

This Article Applies to:

  • AVG Business Cloud Console


From the Antivirus settings of your policy, you can set up automatic or manual updates of the Antivirus program and virus definitions as follows:

  1. Click the policy you would like to change to open the Policy Detail drawer
  2. Select the Settings tab, then Antivirus
  3. Expand the Updates section
  4. In the Virus definitions updates and Program updates sections, choose how updates should be performed:
    • Automatically when new update is available (recommended)
    • Manually
  5. Save your changes

Updates are sent either directly via AVG servers or any configured update agents/local update servers on your network.

If you have selected manual updates, you will need to run the updates via the Devices page to ensure all devices on your network remain up to date with the latest protection. For more information, see Updating Antivirus Program and Virus Definitions.

If your network uses proxies for end devices, you will need to configure the proxy settings in the policies assigned to the devices behind a proxy. For instructions, see Configuring Proxy Settings for Devices.


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