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Behavior Shield

This Article Applies to:

  • AVG Business Cloud Console


Behavior Shield is an additional layer of Antivirus active protection. It monitors all processes on devices in real-time for suspicious behavior that may indicate the presence of malicious code. Behavior Shield works by detecting and blocking suspicious files based on their similarity to other known threats, even if the files are not yet added to the virus definitions database.

Behavior Shield is available for Windows workstations only.

Main Settings: Define what action your Antivirus takes when suspicious programs are detected between Always ask, Automatically move detected threats to Quarantine, or Automatically move known threats to Quarantine.

Behavior Shield does not support wildcards within the file path (for example, C:\users\*\application.exe). You can still use a wildcard at the end of the file path, such as C:\users\username\*.

Adding Behavior Shield Exclusions

If needed, you can add exclusions to the Behavior Shield scans through the Antivirus Exclusions settings of a selected policy. This can speed up the scans and prevent false-positive detections.

For more information on standard and component-specific exclusions, see Configuring Antivirus Exclusions.