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Adding and Editing Users

This Article Applies to:

  • AVG Business Cloud Console


The Users tab of the Cloud Console enables you to view, add, edit, and remove your console users.

Inviting Users

You can add other users as Console administrators or viewers. Other administrators have the same level of access as you, with the ability to add devices, set up policies, and add additional administrators. Viewers have limited permissions but can view most elements in the Console. For more details on the different permissions, see Viewer vs. Administrator Permissions.

To invite a user to Cloud Console:

  1. Click Users
  2. Click + User
  3. Enter the new user's email address
  4. Choose the User Role:
    • Select Admin to create a user for the Console to manage devices and policies
    • Select Viewer to create a user for the Console to view one or more companies
  5. Click Send Invitation

Accepting Invitation

The new user must complete a few steps after receiving the invitation email. The process requires the user to:

  1. Click Accept Invitation in the email
  2. Click Create an account
  3. Enter the email address they received the invite at
  4. Enter the password they would like to use to log in
  5. Log in to the Cloud Console using those credentials

Editing Users

  1. Click the Users tab
  2. Click the three dots beside the user’s name
  3. Select one of the following:
    • Suspend User
    • Delete User
  4. Follow any confirmation prompts or alterations necessary

If the user's name needs to be altered, they can do that themselves by logging in to the Console and altering their name on the Your Profile page.