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Configuring Proxy Settings

This Article Applies to:

  • AVG AntiVirus Business Edition
  • AVG Internet Security Business Edition
  • AVG File Server Business Edition
  • AVG Email Server Business Edition


If your network uses a proxy server, you will need to configure the related settings for application updates as follows:

  1. From the client UI, go to Menu > Settings > General
  2. Click the Update tab
  3. Click More options in the program updates section
  1. Tick the Use specific proxy server box
  2. Fill in the following information:
    • For Type, select either HTTP or SOCKS v4
    • For Address, enter the IP address for your proxy
    • For Port, enter the port number for your proxy
    • For Type of Authentication, select either No authentication, Basic authentication (plaintext), or Windows integrated authentication (NTLM)
      1. If you are using authentication, enter the Username and Password

Without the required proxy server settings in place, the updates will likely fail.


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