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Uploading Files to AVG FTP Server

This Article Applies to:

  • AVG Business Antivirus


You may need to upload files to our FTP server for either of the following reasons:

  • Support analysis: If you have been asked by our support agents to send larger diagnostic files (such as logs or memory dumps) for further analysis, or when you are Submitting Suspected False Positives.
  • Whitelisting: If you are a developer who joined our Whitelisting Program, and you want to submit files to our Threat Labs for whitelisting.

AVG Threat Labs are notified automatically once you upload your files, which are then usually processed within 24 hours.

Preparing Files for Upload

Before uploading your files to the AVG FTP server, you need to compress them, i.e. put them in a zipped folder. Also, make sure to give the zipped folder a specific name (e.g. your email address) so we can easily identify it on the server if needed.

If you are unable to compress a file because it is flagged as suspicious by AVG, temporarily disable all Antivirus Core Shields, then try again.

Uploading Files for Support Analysis

After compressing your files, ensure the device is connected to the internet, then perform the upload as follows:

  1. Open File Explorer
  2. Type in the Explorer's address bar, then press Enter
    1. If prompted for credentials, type in anonymous for both username and password.
  1. Paste the zipped folder into the incoming File Explorer window to upload it to our FTP server
    1. If the upload stops mid-progress, it cannot be resumed (you will need to repeat the upload).
    2. If you have been asked by our support agents to upload files to AVG FTP server, please make sure you provide them with the name of your zipped folder once it's uploaded.

Uploading Files for Whitelisting

After compressing your files, ensure the device is connected to the internet, then upload the zipped folder to the AVG FTP server with any FTP client software using the following parameters:

  • Protocol: FTP
  • Encryption: No encryption
  • Host:
  • Port: 21
  • Username/Password: Your account credentials received after joining the Whitelisting Program
  • Directory: /share

If you do not have any FTP client software installed, you can install the free WinSCP software from, then perform the upload as follows:

  1. Open the WinSCP app
  2. On the Login screen, provide the parameters listed above, then click Login to connect to the AVG FTP server
  1. On the left side of the screen, locate your zipped folder and right-click it, then select Upload
  1. Click OK to upload the files to the server

Submit only those files for which you have the authorization to request approval. Do not submit game hacks, cracks, keygens, or similar apps. Also, upload only complete files. Partially uploaded or broken files and delta-update files won't be considered for analysis or whitelisting.

Uploaded files are only visible to our Threat Labs analysts. AVG does not collect any personal information from files submitted for whitelisting. We reserve the right to share the uploaded samples with other security companies for research purposes, along with the information that the whitelisted samples are virus-free. We also reserve the right to refuse to whitelist any application.