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Cloud versus On-Premise Console

This Article Applies to:

  • AVG Business Cloud Console
  • AVG Business On-Premise Console

About the consoles

AVG Business offers two different management consoles: Cloud Console (recommended) and On-Premise Console. The Cloud Console is hosted and maintained by AVG and can be accessed from anywhere, whereas the On-Premise Console is installed and maintained by the administrator.

Which should I use?

Where possible, we recommend to use the Cloud Console. The Cloud Console has many advantages over the On-Premise Console:

  • Hosted and updated by AVG: the administrator does not need to install or update the Console, as it is done automatically by AVG development
  • No extra hardware required: the user will usually need a dedicated device for the On-Premise Console, which requires more hardware. 6GB disk space and 4GB RAM is our standard recommendation for the On-Premise Console; however, if you have a large number of devices you will also have to scale the hardware. With the Cloud Console, scaling is done automatically
  • Can be accessed and managed from anywhere: the Cloud Console can be accessed from anywhere in the world, so the user is not limited in configuring and deploying devices from a single location
  • Frequent updates: the Cloud Console receives the latest features, services, and updates immediately, while the On-Premise Console will not support many features and services, or will have much longer spans of time between updates
  • Services available: Cloud Console users can utilize the Patch Management service, which provides added value and security for users.
  • Support for multiple Local Update Servers: In the Cloud Console, users can configure multiple Local Update Servers in order to better serve devices across the WAN

When should I use the On-Premise Console?

When installation within a completely isolated or offline network is required, the On-Premise Console is the only solution available. To learn more about offline configuration see Configuring the Offline On-Premise Console.

Bandwidth usage

Devices connected to the Cloud Console will use, on average, 10MB of bandwidth per day. When using the Local Update Server, this will be less than 10MB. For more information see Setting Up Update Agents and Local Update Servers.

Update/Master Agents

In both consoles, it is possible to enable an Update/Master Agent and Local Update Server that can serve updates to devices within the network. This is recommended to reduce bandwidth usage.